Freespee makes it to the European Tech 5 finals!

We are proud to announce that the The Next Web (TNW) has selected Freespee as one of the Top 5 fastest growing technology companies from Sweden. TNW announced the result last week and Freespee is now one of the finalists. The European Tech5 was launched by TNW in early February, the purpose of which is to identify the fastest growing technology companies in Europe and give them the limelight they deserve.

By making it to the finals of the European Tech5, Freespee has displayed its ability to understand the needs of an average marketer, convert it to a winning business solution. “Our vision is to make voice interactions more meaningful not only to a marketer but also to his customers.”, says Carl Holmquist, the Founder of Freespee.

A company that originated in Sweden, Freespee was founded by Carl Holmquist and Tobias Lindgren. We aim to build a platform that is insightful to a marketer to an extent that when a customer calls, the person answering knows who is calling, what he purchased last and what prompted him to call this time. This will make the voice call experience extremely relevant not only to the marketer but also to the customers; no wait time and no IVR! Our first step to fulfil this vision is Freespee; an intelligent data hub that not only collects information about a visitors’ online journey but also links it to the voice call. This data is then delivered to other third party applications that a marketer uses to complete the picture! In short, Freespee makes a marketer and his applications more informed leading to better decisions and higher ROI.

The results of the European Tech5 will be announced in early April and one winner from each country along with the runner up will be awarded a speaking slot at the TNW conference, to be held in Amsterdam on 24 and 25 April, 2015. While the top 5 finalists from each country have been selected by an independent jury, the winner from each country will be decided by public voting. If you are reading this article and believe in Freespees’ potential, please cast your vote now!

How to vote? Well, thats fairly simple. Just do it in the following simple steps

  • Visit the European Tech5 page.
  • Click on the ‘Vote’ button placed next to Freespee
  • You can cast your vote in three simple ways
    • Vote by entering your email Id
    • or vote using your Twitter account
    • or vote using your Facebook account
  • Please don’t forget to share this with everyone so that Freespee gets its place on that stage with TNW!

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Product Update: The new Freespee dashboard

The Freespee developers have just released the first version of our new user interface.

We are gradually moving from the old user interface to a completely new User Interface that will make the data activation process a lot simpler and even more effortless.

Let’s talk about some of the features you’ll find in this release:

3 new key metrics

ctr_per_device Drop off_device call_through_rate_per_channel Call through rate per device –  With this metric, you see which device drives most customer calls in correlation to the number of website visits from the same device. This will help you understand what is the behaviour of your customers. Do smart phone users call you more than desktop visitors?

Drop-off per device  – With this metric, you will be able to see what is the distribution of people who disconnected the call in less than 60 seconds. This will help you determine the quality of calls from visitors with different devices.

Call through rate per channel – With this metric, you will discover which media channels bring the highest quality prospects to your business. For example. you could see that Google SEM visitors are more prevalent to calling you, With this knowledge, you are able to make more data-driven decisions about your media spend.
The phone call has a very important role in customer acquisition. The data here might actually surprise you and make you reconsider your online strategy and how you drive traffic to your website.


We аre also gradually implementing AI (Artificial Intelligence) that will help you spot anomalies in your data. This specific feature is something we will focus more time on in the next quarters, as our first trials using AI for data have proven to be very powerful to our customers.

Our vision is to take data driven marketing to a new level. For this, in our UI, we will continue to add more metrics to give marketers more insights into their customers’ online and offline journeys.
Do you want to be among the first to know about what’s on the roadmap, and what’s new in Freespee? Sign up to our newsletter to get instant updates about new releases.


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Product Update: Salesforce plugin

At the start of the new year, we launch a Salesforce plugin, which enriches phone calls with really valuable data, such as order value and purchased products. Salesforce has been one of the most requested integrations and we’re proud to inform you that the plugin is available as of today.

Anyone in charge of marketing in an organisation using the Salesforce CRM can now activate this new two-way data feed with the flip of a switch. It’s really that easy.

Salesforce is one of the largest CRM vendors, with customers within all industries. It has helped businesses transform consumers into customers across all digital channels for over 15 years and the powerful integration between Freespee and Salesforce means that now users can get even deeper customer behaviour insights.

The plugin adds Salesforce as a data destination to our growing list of 30+ data plugins. When a web-to-phone event takes place, Freespee delivers the digital data footprint of the caller to Salesforce in real time. This means you will be able to see the traces the consumer leaves on the web in the Salesforce interface even before you pick up the phone.


The integration works by synchronising your Salesforce account using the Caller ID of the caller. If a contact is found, the caller’s online footprint, or their the customer journey is added as a note to the contact.

For an even richer integration you can also choose to let Freespee create a new lead if no previous contact was found during the synchronisation.

The plugin also adds Salesforce as a data source, to enrich the inbound phone calls with in-call and post-call data, such as order value, what product customers ordered, what quantity, etc. The attribution of order values to specific callers is 100% automated. This will be checked periodically so even if a deal is closed months later you will still be able to see this in our Freespee Inbox, and roll it back to the first visit.

Support for Salesforce Plugin

From a user perspective, this means that your sales organisation now gets full insight into the customer discovery process and could use this information to make more powerful, user-driven decisions.

One of our first customers trying the Salesforce plugin is active in the automotive sector. They discovered immediately that their sales organisation was able to assess customers’ needs better and identify cross-sell/up-sell opportunities by using the Salesforce plugin, that bring them the digital background information about the customer calling them, such as the landing pages they visited. With order value attributed to the phone call, they could also start to benefit from more data-driven marketing, including revenue-driven bidding methods in their search advertising.

For more information please visit the full documentation at Freespee Support

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Deloitte: Freespee is one of the fastest growing companies!

Deloitte Sweden has announced this year’s best technology companies for its annual Sweden Technology Fast 50 award. Freespee has shown an outstanding growth during the past few years, which placed us on this exclusive list. Being one of very few enterprise SaaS companies on the list, and having achieved 830% growth makes us even more proud!  Sweden Technology Deloitte Top 50

The great news come as a result of our brilliant team’s excellence and tireless work to make Freespee a flawless product that exceeds our customers’ expectations. During the year, Freespee has helped brands such as Disney, BMW, Belron, Rentify and Klarna turn phone calls into digital data, increasing their ROI and unveiling the complete customer journeys of their users. We can’t be more thankful for their trust and we’re proud to work with them!

Full press release:

Deloitte Sweden Technology Fast 50 is an annual award for the fastest growing technology companies in Sweden organised by Deloitte in collaboration with SVCA (Swedish Venture Capital Association) and Engineering Industries . Several of the companies on this year’s rankings have had great success within Online and Mobile Advertising.

Many other companies have attempted this in the past but with limited success. “It shows that a unique technology must be combined with the right timing in order to really gain traction in the marketplace”, says Erik Olin, partner at Deloitte. About Deloitte Sweden Technology Fast 50 and Rising Stars The only cross-industry ranking of technology companies in Sweden. The award is now in .its eleventh year. The ranking includes public and private companies, large and small, in all areas of technology, from internet specialists to life sciences, green tech, computers to semiconductors and software to telecommunications. Growth is based on revenue growth over the last five years of according to annual reports reported to the Companies Registration Office on 31 July. For Fast 50 The Growth is measured During 2009 to 2013, and for the Rising Stars During 2011-2013.

Please find more detailed information (in Swedish) on

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Product Update: Custom date ranges in the Freespee dashboard

Over the past few months we received numerous requests and feedback from customers in regards to the way date ranges are presented at the Freespee dashboard. Previously,  we could provide statistics for predefined date ranges, which was very useful for customers interested in analysing data on a week-by-week, month-by-month or year-by-year basis.

Thanks to your feedback, our engineering team has enabled users to select arbitrary date ranges in the Freespee dashboard when in need to pull out statistics and prepare reports.

Custom date range Freespee

The Freespee Support is a great place for you to get detailed information on how to get the most out of our features. You can find full instructions on how to select a custom date range here.




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Our CEO Carl on Sky News: The EU needs to be more open

Today is a very exciting day for all of us here at Freespee! Our CEO Carl was featured in the headlines for one of Britain’s leading news networks – Sky News!

Carl with Ed Conway on SkyNews

In an interview with Sky’s Economics editor Ed Conway, Carl discussed the need for the EU to be more open in terms of giving talented, highly skilled professionals the ability to live and work freely across the Union.

Freespee’s team is formed of brilliant professionals from numerous nationalities, and we believe that’s definitely a success formula!

The report follows findings from the University College London (UCL) that show “European immigrants made a positive financial contribution of £4.4bn to the UK between 1995 and 2011″.

The interview is airing at the Sky News’ hourly broadcast, or you can watch it here

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Freespee at github

Here at Freespee we love free and open source!

Our products are built using popular components, such as AngularJS, and we try hard to invest back into the community where possible. Github-Logo

Recently, we opened a Freespee github page, where our customers can find ready to use clients for the Freespee API in order to  get up and running quickly.


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Freespee Reads: Your weekly digest from the world of marketing, big data, IoT and customer experience.

Our digest includes a roundup of everything hot in marketing automation, big data, the customer journey and IoT that you might have missed during the week. What else? It’s also very special for us, as we’re now a winner at the Smarta100 Awards. You can read the full announcement here, plus the latest from our engineering team – our new integration with Pipeline Deals CRM.

Freespee is winner at the O2 Smarta 100 Awards !

This week, and O2 Business’ announced that Freespee is winner at the Smarta100 Awards!

How a CRM tool, linked with powerful data automation engine, feed marketers big data

For marketers, using the right tool to support customer retention is equally important to getting granular data about the events that lead…

The Future Of Marketing Combines Big Data With Human Intuition

Big data and technology are clearly revolutionising marketing. Gartner predicts that CMO’s will soon be spending more on IT than CIO’s.

The worlds of adtech and martech are about to collide

With $3bn invested, the advertising and marketing technology sectors are going through a stage of explosive growth.

Marketing Automation: Win More Business And Nurture More Leads

If implemented correctly, with enticing CTAs and educational and helpful downloads, marketing automation can help grow your business.

Created using,

Product Update: Pipeline Deals CRM (PLD) plugin now available to help marketers understand the full customer journey

Customer journey We’re adding Pipeline Deals CRM (PLD) plugin to help marketers get full understanding of the customer journey and for sales representatives to quickly asses the origin and engagement of website visitors that are calling the business, while they are talking to the customer.

This spring we started to add new powerful plugins to supercharge our marketers’ dashboards with data. From Marin Software to Appnexus and the Adobe Marketing Cloud, our customers’ dashboards are now enriched with Freespee data that helps them make better informed decisions. pipelinedeals-logo_crm_freespee

For marketers, using the right tool to support customer retention is equally important to getting granular data about the events that lead to the sale itself. Hence, it’s logical that a link between the two processes is essential. User journey data is an integral piece of data to have at hand during the sales process, in order to better understand the customer and be able to close a deal.

By activating the Pipeline Deals plugin, our customers can now get call data integrated into their customer card, meaning that for every lead, they will now have detailed overview of the user’s customer journey directly in PLD.

Installing the Pipeline Deals plugin is very simple – visit our article on Freespee Support

Freespee is winner at the O2 Smarta 100 Awards !










Today, Freespee is celebrating and O2 Business’ announcement that our company is a winner in the 2014 O2 Smarta 100 list. This is a list of the UK’s top small businesses, featuring what have been named as the most disruptive, innovative and engaging companies.

We’re voted under the category of ‘Best use of Technology’ – in line with our goal to make sure every single interaction that an online consumer has with a business is valued. We turn the phone calls from online consumers into data events that matter to marketers, then we also route these events to hundreds of 3rd party marketing applications to automatically influence decision making.

Being listed on the Smarta 100 list is testament to the past 12 months of hard work, setting up our UK office from scratch. Our London office is now the Freespee HQ in what has become our biggest market, it’s fantastic that Freespee is now being recognised among other UK businesses from tech powerhouses and exciting start-ups on the Smarta 100 list.

We’ve combined hard work with luck during this first year of business in the UK. From this we’ve realised there are some causes in the world that demand our attention. If we were to win the Smarta Awards, we would donate all of the prize money to funds that make it possible for women in developing countries to set-up a business.

After a successful launch in London, we’re looking to grow our local teams further in Europe and to make a push into US.

Please vote for Freespee here.

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