COO Speaks – Why should a phone call matter to Digital Marketers?

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My mood as a shopper changes every week. On some days, I am well researched and I know what I want. On some other days I need help selecting or maybe knowing what I want. What I mean to say is that it all boils down the need of the hour.

You can aim to become another Amazon – 100% online checkouts and no-phone calls from your online visitors. I’d like to call it the ‘The Amazon Dream’. What you must also consider is that

  • Amazon sells mainstream products, the information for which is easily available online.
  • Amazon commands very high Brand equity and is synonymous to reliability.

But, if you need an insurance package, a house, a holiday package, a new broadband service or a test drive, you will most probably search online, find an offer, browse through that offer, and in 65%* cases you will call the service provider!

What happens to the customer who calls?

As a caller you have disappeared from online marketers’ radar, appeared on the sales agents’ interface and you leave that website and/or you will close the browser after the call. From a web analytics perspective, you are a drop off while, in reality, it is actually the digital marketer who ‘enticed you! But again, from the tools’ perspective, you have no value and you’re a targeting mistake. Now that is a real paradox.

Missing on 65% information?

Your marketing teams and their media agencies are using super-sophisticated technology, totally data driven, in order to optimize online campaigns in real time – Advertising, targeting, re-targeting and all of that! The decisions made by the Ad-Tech stack running these campaigns are based on one key data point: Has this visitor bought or not? Imagine that in 65% cases, the answer to that question is wrong. That is a whole lot data-driven decisions going wrong. This black hole in data is ruining all the efforts in understanding how programmatic media buying, marketing automation and user journey analysis really work. Is this 65% data really worth ignoring?

Plugging the ‘Gap’

You can optimize your online user journey, A/B test to reduce abandoned cart as much as you want and hide the phone number in the deepest graveyard section of your website, but this won’t fix your problems entirely. However you can leverage on the calls and by increasing your visibility and making your marketing tools more intelligent.

Yes, I can hear these questions from you already, “What am I going to do with all this information, how many people in my organisation do I need to involve?” It is obviously not your job to collect, process and use this data, instead get your tools to do that. They’ve been built to welcome this data, to analyse it and to adjust decisions based on them. Your most engaged customers are surely not worth ignoring!


(*)source Panel of Freespee users across Automotive, Telco, Real estate, Travel)

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Feature Update – Search for User Events

Have you ever had to look for phone call events for a particular destination number but got lost in the long list of user events instead? Have you found yourself rummaging through a long list of user events to locate the online history for a particular caller? Well, things have just become easier – Presenting the ‘Search Inbox’ feature on the Freespee Platform.

How does this feature help?

Search Inbox

This feature has been developed by popular demand. By using this feature, all you need to do is enter the destination number or the Caller Id number in the search bar and click on search. If you are searching with a destination number, the search will return a list of all the calls that have been routed to that number along with the user journey and browsing history connected to each call. You can also search for a particular caller using the Caller Id number and this search will return a list of calls originating from that number. Looking up your Freespee user events just got easy!

Where to find this?

Log in to the Freespee platform with your credentials and navigate to the account level. Once inside an account, click on the ‘User Events’ tab and you will find the search bar on the right side, just above the list of user events.

Our development team is always looking for ways to make things easier for you. If you would like to know more about this feature or have a great suggestion for a new feature, please feel free to contact us on You could also visit our website for more information on our services and available apps.

Freespee – Making voice more meaningful!


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Online to Offline Customer Experience – Connecting The Dots

Integrating technology with customer experience can make the experience consistent throughout the customer’s journey; right from research to purchase. A study conducted by Oracle, ‘The CMO Solution Guide to Leveraging New Technology and Marketing Platforms’, provides some stark revelations about customer expectations that very few marketers realise today. To quote a few, the study mentions that

  • 72% of consumers want marketing collateral including in-store to be consistently presented across channels as a means to reinforce their perception of a given brand.
  • 85% of consumers expect a consistent shopping experience across all channels including in-store.
  • 89% of consumers said it was important for retailers to let them shop for products in the way that is convenient for them, no matter which sales channel they choose.

To ensure that you provide consistently good customer experience across all your channels, you should be able to map each customer journey back to each touch point within the overall customer experience as top priority. Knowing your customer better will give you better opportunities to provide personalised experience. We as Marketers have realised the importance of optimising the ‘online’ experience for our customers. We have highly intelligent marketing tools that automate things for us. The key here is to utilise the intelligence provided by these tools to connect a customer’s online experience with his offline one. This is important because at some point in every customers path to purchase there is at least one offline transaction in the form of a call or store visit or maybe even asking a friend for advice. Sebastian James, Head of Retail at Dixons, who is also a participant of the study mentioned earlier, says “Making sense of big data, including social media activity, online history, ecommerce interactions and traditional customer data, is a challenge. It is also an opportunity for companies to emphasise how they are different.”

To implement an effective, future-oriented customer experience programme in today’s world, companies must design a programme that helps them understand how their customers experience a brand at every touch point. They must engage with people in an easy and non-intrusive way, and analyse and synthesise the data this provides with other data points and feedback to detect trends and risks. Importantly, they must also research and invest in tools that help connect the online and offline experiences in the form of data that is available in real-time. Consistency is the buzzword here and the future of customer experience will be rooted in the fusion of the ‘online’ and ‘offline’ elements.

Top 3 things you should consider next time you hear a phone ringing

You have your online marketing in place, your website looks great and you have great forms that are easy to fill! You even have a brand new e-Commerce software powering your self-serve business. But despite all this, your customers still want to talk to you and you need to employ dedicated people who like talking to customers. Considering that we live in an ‘online’ world where customers deal with automated softwares instead of real people, this could be a matter for serious consideration.

Interestingly enough, spoken language is the most powerful way of building a personal user experience and customer loyalty. Apple Inc. realised this and is designing physical stores where super friendly staff helps you through your decision process. You are not allowed to do anything yourself! It’s a brilliant user experience; you will always walk out with a happy smile and return to buy more of those awesome Apple products. Talking to customers is not a cost; I would call it an investment instead. Here are some reasons why some of the brightest shining stars among consumer brands are starting to pay more and more attention to online consumers who want to talk to them.

Data tells us that it’s time to rethink!

You think an online form submission gives you the most qualified leads? Think again, instead of keeping your sales team busy calling web-based leads, out of which most never answer, you should rather think about how you can make it easier for visitors to talk to you. You have to be available to your customer whenever, wherever. According to Salesforce, the conversion rate of calls is between 30 to 50 per cent, while web leads convert at 2 per cent. Our own customers agree that the probability of closing a sale on a phone call is 10 times higher than selling to a web-based lead.

Don’t give your customers a 20-year old user experience

When your customers call you all they get is a technology stack that is 20 years old. Your marketing team is on a completely different platform, using fantastic tools to create an out-of-the-world user experience for your customers. The result is an apparent disconnect between what the customer expects and what he gets. With so many customers contacting you, you surely want to re-think your leads management strategy and may be pay special attention to the leads that you get through phone calls.

Tomorrow promises more phone calls from customers!

Google demystifies the mobile surfer. It says that 75% mobile searches trigger follow-up actions that could be any one of the following – further research, store visit, phone call or a purchase. 55% of the conversion happens over the first one hour! Which means when the conversion is a phone call, it surely has a very high probability of conversion! When people use mobile search to help make a decision, they are 39% more likely to call you. With people spending more and more time on their smart phones, phone calls are going to be the preferred mode of communication for your customers very soon!

All this reinforces that voice is the next consumer interface you have to address when you plan your next generation online business strategy. It is definitely worth investing in a lead nurturing strategy for offline interactions resulting from your online initiatives!

Data Source

Freespee is getting smarter by the day – Smart App Referrals!


App referalYou have been using the Freespee platform for while now and have also noticed quite a few changes. All our customers received the new platform very well and we have been getting a lot of good feedback. But our work doesn’t stop there. We are getting smarter – We now have the ability to recommend the best apps that you could use to ensure that you are putting the phone calls data to good use!

Now go back to the Freespee platform and check out the new widget –‘Apps That You Should Consider’! This smart widget suggests all the relevant apps that can make things work for you and your organisation. How does this feature help? For starters, what is the point of data if you don’t know how to use it or where to use it? You surely also don’t want a situation where you are using a third party marketing tool but don’t know that Freespee can integrate with it. We can see the visitors who call you and we also want to ensure that your tools see this too. So, when the Freespee platform detects a 3rd party tool, if the app is available, Freespee will recommend it in the widget. Go ahead and activate the suggested app and watch the magic of data when it is put to good use. We help you automate your entire data flow – now that’s really powerful and extremely helpful, isn’t it?

Activate the apps based on our recommendation – yes, you can do it yourself with just a couple of clicks! Our support platform has detailed articles on how to activate an app. You could also contact us for more details on any app that you are interested to activate.

We at Freespee have always tried to deliver more than you ask for. Yes, we do a really good job of collecting data for phone calls from your online visitors and making it visible to you; but we also integrate with a number of third party apps to ensure that this data is being put to good use. But we want to do more… way more than you expect! We want to go all the way to know you better and provide you fine-tuned and intelligent service wherever you are and whenever you want.

Freespee – Another step ahead to make voice more meaningful to your organisation!

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Bye Bye Phone Booth – Hello Mobility!

824c0959840513d1_400x400arThis week we will witness two interesting events, at first glance totally unrelated, but in fact a great example of the technologically advanced age we are living in today.

The first is Telia, the once-upon-a-time incumbent telephony company in Sweden, which is now decommissioning the last set of its’ public telephone booths. This marks the end of an over 120-year long era of landline calling that culminated in the mid 80’s, just around the same time as mobile phones entered into the market. Hardly portable at the time, mobile phones quickly began to affect everyone’s daily life and today I think it’s fair to say that we can see the outcome of that development. Sorry Superman and Mr. Bond, you’ll need to look for something else from now on! RIP phone booths, you were good fun in the 90’s when we used you for various pranks.

The second one is Google, a company founded more than 100 years after the first telephone booth was ever set up. They will now change their ranking system overnight and rank websites that are mobile-friendly over the ones that are not, in the mobile search domain. They are clearly sending a signal to all those who have not made their website mobile-friendly,  ‘now is the time to act’. As a frequent smartphone user I can just say, “well played Google!”

I spend quite a sizeable part of my daily life commuting between home and work. Sitting on that bus with 30 other people who are all looking down at their smartphones, you really don’t need to be working in the field of space exploration to understand that people have gone mobile. Many are not just playing games or checking the weather, they are also calling to make appointments, getting that leaking sink fixed or arranging for that haircut they haven’t had time for yet.

Our figures tell us that calls made by mobile phones to businesses have increased more than 30% over just the past 2 years. Looking at the ratio between calls made by landlines and mobile phones, mobile calls are now clearly taking over. This wasn’t the case a few years ago.

For business owners out there it’s dead simple. Either embrace that people are finding you on their handheld devices or stay in your lane, put on your hat and watch competitors overtake. Also, don’t forget that the most native thing consumers can do with their smartphone still in 2015 is…. ‘drumroll’.. call you! Consumers want to talk with you, so don’t think of your call center as a cost center, instead take advantage of intelligent tools to make your consumers perceive you as a business that plays along with the way the world works today and treat them with the respect they deserve.

Remember, thanks to the likes of the phone booth, they are just doing the most natural thing one can do these days – Call!

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Product Update: Our App gallery grows again with three new additions!

If you have been reading our previous posts, you will know that Freespee aims to make voice conversations as meaningful as possible for you and your business. We don’t just aim to make web to voice data visible to your eyes but also to your regular 3rd party tools. We want phone calls made by visitors to receive the same treatment as form completions or shopping cart checkouts in your marketing automation tools. Hence, we aim to integrate with as many 3rd party marketing automation tools available, to make things easier for you.

This month we have three new additions to our ever-growing list of apps. Freespee integrates with these apps to ensure that they receive complete information including web to voice events.


Kenshplugin_kenshoo_Fotoroo – By integrating with Kenshoo, Freespee creates a unique closed-loop feedback mechanism between the online campaigns and the phone calls they generate. With this complete data, Kenshoo continuously optimises campaign bids to maximise the effectiveness of ad campaigns and the resultant conversions.


plugin_millennial_FotorMillennial Media – Freespee continuously feeds Millennial Media with web to voice events ensuring that the app always receives complete and correct information. This enhances programmatic buying and other data driven decisions for Millennial Media giving you better ROI for the same investments.


plugin_sizmek_FotorSizmek – The Freespee app for Sizmek ensures that that Sizmek not only takes clicks or form completions into account while making its data driven decisions, but also the phone calls made by visitors. With this app, Sizmek is able to take more efficient decisions for ad placements and campaign management.

Please visit our support page to get more details on how to activate the apps for Kenshoo, Millennial Media and Sizmek. Also look at our existing list of Freespee Apps that will help your tools make better data driven decision. If you would like to see an app that you are using on the Freespee list of apps, then email us on and we would be more than glad to help you.

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Freespee – Winners at the European Tech5 – Sweden!!

 Tech5 trophyCelebrations are in order because The Next Web (TNW) has selected Freespee as the fastest growing technology company in Sweden. The result of the European Tech5 was announced on Thursday this week and we have emerged as proud winners of the event!

It will indeed be a great honour to share the stage with TNW at the conference later this month. “This is not the end but a beginning for Freespee. We intend to do much more in the future to ensure that our customers have nothing but the best from us. We are one more step closer to realising our vision!” says Carl Holmquist, Founder – Freespee.

There is someone who has helped us get to this stage – You, our customers, without whom we could not have traversed this path! It has been the most amazing journey for all of us at Freespee and we hope to continue to bask in the same adulation from our customers for many years to come. So, a BIG THANKS to all of you!

While the commercial team work fervently to ensure that our customers get exactly what they want and can derive more from their existing marketing investments, our technology team is equally busy ensuring that the Freespee platform keeps growing. A new feature gets added every week and that’s not it! Our list of Freespee apps is growing as well to ensure that every Freespee customer can get more from voice data – be it for data driven decisions using 3rd part marketing tools or just to gain more visibility of web to voice events.

The TNW conference has been scheduled for April 23 and April 24, 2015 in Amsterdam and we will indeed be covering the conference in our forthcoming blogs. So keep your eyes glued to this page for more update and articles on ‘Freespee goes to the TNW conference!’

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Freespee Feature Update – Contact Forms

When customers contact you, it means that they have most probably already done their research on your company and products and are well ahead in their buying decision. Hence, industry experts have always seen customers who are willing to contact, in whatever way they choose to, as very important leads. In such a situations it is most helpful if you can eliminate even the smallest obstacle that the customer can face to contact you. Your customers can now request to be called back at their convenience and all you need to do is use the Freespee Contact Form feature!

What is the Freespee Contact Form feature?

This feature will help you connect your existing or new online forms with automatic call back requests. By asking for a suitable time for call back, the Contact Form nested in the Freespee JavaScript will trigger a voice call to you and then connect you with the customer. Both calls are connected with Freespee sitting in between, to collect details like online user journey, call time, call duration etc. That’s how you can stay one step ahead in the lead qualifying process.

If a customers’ call doesn’t connect at the first attempt, then Freespee is programmed to attempt again before giving up. The maximum number of retries can be customised depending on your choice. So if you think two retries will be right for you, you can set that up with just a click.

How does this feature help?

For a customer this feature helps most when a phone is not at hand or it is not convenient for the customer to call you even if they would like to. The Contact Form feature will give your customers another option to contact you, which in the end means a higher probability for conversion. So if someone is browsing on a tablet or a laptop, a call back request can be very easily made using the contact form. The Contact Form feature can also help you collect more information about the caller including personal details and you can also get detailed call records along with the customers’ online journey. The Freespee API collects the call event, enriches it with visitor data and makes it visible in your Inbox. This takes you one more step closer to knowing your customers and their needs. Collect detailed information from your caller even before you answer the phone and speed up your leads management process.

Now that’s an interesting feature! Need more information? Please feel free to log on to the Freespee website to read more on Custom Forms. You can also visit Freespee Support for detailed technical information on how to setup this feature.

Freespee – Making voice more meaningful to your organisation!

Freespee makes it to the European Tech 5 finals!

We are proud to announce that the The Next Web (TNW) has selected Freespee as one of the Top 5 fastest growing technology companies from Sweden. TNW announced the result last week and Freespee is now one of the finalists. The European Tech5 was launched by TNW in early February, the purpose of which is to identify the fastest growing technology companies in Europe and give them the limelight they deserve.

By making it to the finals of the European Tech5, Freespee has displayed its ability to understand the needs of an average marketer, convert it to a winning business solution. “Our vision is to make voice interactions more meaningful not only to a marketer but also to his customers.”, says Carl Holmquist, the Founder of Freespee.

A company that originated in Sweden, Freespee was founded by Carl Holmquist and Tobias Lindgren. We aim to build a platform that is insightful to a marketer to an extent that when a customer calls, the person answering knows who is calling, what he purchased last and what prompted him to call this time. This will make the voice call experience extremely relevant not only to the marketer but also to the customers; no wait time and no IVR! Our first step to fulfil this vision is Freespee; an intelligent data hub that not only collects information about a visitors’ online journey but also links it to the voice call. This data is then delivered to other third party applications that a marketer uses to complete the picture! In short, Freespee makes a marketer and his applications more informed leading to better decisions and higher ROI.

The results of the European Tech5 will be announced in early April and one winner from each country along with the runner up will be awarded a speaking slot at the TNW conference, to be held in Amsterdam on 24 and 25 April, 2015. While the top 5 finalists from each country have been selected by an independent jury, the winner from each country will be decided by public voting. If you are reading this article and believe in Freespees’ potential, please cast your vote now!

How to vote? Well, thats fairly simple. Just do it in the following simple steps

  • Visit the European Tech5 page.
  • Click on the ‘Vote’ button placed next to Freespee
  • You can cast your vote in three simple ways
    • Vote by entering your email Id
    • or vote using your Twitter account
    • or vote using your Facebook account
  • Please don’t forget to share this with everyone so that Freespee gets its place on that stage with TNW!

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